Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet a Gallery Member!

This is my first stab at this so I welcome feedback! I'm a volunteer on the SDMA's steering committee for The Gallery and my focus is membership. I thought the group would be much more fun if we could start to learn a little about each other - even if it is only completely random, trivial facts!

My guinea pig was Antoinette Lipman (pictured below with fellow Gallery member, Sam Dychter) she eagerly answered my questions so that at our next Gallery event everyone would have a few random conversation starters with her (or so I would stop asking her to do this for me). ~ Kim

Here we go -

What do you think San Diego's best kept secret is? The view from Clay's Restaurant.
Guilty pleasure? Watching old Alfred Hitchcock shows on Hulu.

Swim, bike, run or gym? Tennis.

Favorite restaurant in San Diego? Harry's Diner.

Thing you are most excited to learn/do/experience with the Gallery? I am really excited to get a look behind the scenes at the museum.
Craziest place you have ever been OR the place you would most like to visit? I'd like to go see the Northern Lights and also take a road trip to do my own taste of the best hamburgers and BBQ across the country.

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  1. Thanks Antoinette! I think your road trip sounds incredible.


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